Month: December 2017

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What Is a Healthy Weight for You?

Part of being healthy is getting to and staying at a healthy weight. We’re not talking about being skinny. We’re talking about achieving a weight that reduces your risk for disease. You’ll also find that maintaining a healthy weight gives you more energy, improves your mood, and helps you tackle those day-to-day challenges life always […]

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Unwind, Unlock, Unleash: The Fast Metabolism Diet

Do you wish you could find a diet plan that would not only help you lose weight … but also allow you to eat realistic amounts of foods you enjoy? Wouldn’t it be great if that diet also cut you free from the need to count calories and worry about how many grams of fat […]

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time to exercise FIT Academy

How to Find Time to Exercise: 3 Essentials

  The stay-at-home mom, the aerobics instructor, and the CEO of Nike all have one huge thing in common: Just like you, they all get 1,440 minutes each day to get things done. That’s why “time management” is a myth. You can’t manage time. It comes in a set amount every single day. What you […]

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