Personalizing a workout for you and your results is our focus. This beautifully designed facility features all the equipment you expect, dynamic group classes taught by inspiring fitness professionals (Cycle, Yoga, Barre, Team Training), a 25-yard functional training turf field and clean locker rooms. The team at FIT Academy is focused on delivering the best fitness experience to you, we’re known for our sense of community and ability to provide the results that you need.

I am Susan Jansson, and together with Emanuel Rose, we are the new managers and co-owners of Fit Academy.

Providing you with a clean, well-maintained facility, great classes, modern equipment and an engaged staff remains our primary commitment.

After working out and meeting the staff and members at Fit Academy, I am excited about the opportunity that exists for all of us!

Supportive and Focused Membership

The warmth and commitment to fitness I experienced from the members I spoke with are indicative of the community feel of this club. I appreciate the positive attitude and mood of the members I spoke with. Those interactions helped me commit to you and the Fit Academy.

Fit Academy Culture Will Continue

The attention to members, cleanliness of the club and personalized service will continue. We will also continue to make this a comfortable environment for our members, their friends and the community.

Susan Jansson

Susan fosters fitness. As a GroupX instructor, personal trainer and business owner, Susan advocates for exercising to feel good, being strong and maintaining endurance in all areas of life. Susan builds and manages profitable health club enterprises throughout California and Oregon. Each continues expanding to meet the growing needs of its community with new programming, quality staff and a comfortable facility. Looking, thinking, and feeling great is the essence of Susan’s vision for people. Through her experience of shaping HealthSPORT (5 locations), The Redwood Club, Fit 1 and Snap Fitness (8 locations) into convenient, responsive, popular and prosperous health clubs, Susan has continued to grow her systems and philosophy to continue her quest to “Get the World Fit.”

Emanuel Rose

Expert branding, marketing strategy, advertising, marketing automation, website development & social media campaigns. With marketing and advertising that incorporates mobile web, email, social media, and direct mail, we capture the market of people interested in fitness now and bring them into Fit Academy. This is what Fit Academy needs to increase sales and produce a sustainable return on investment. Once they come into our club, we can help them become members of our fitness community and support their fitness transformation.

Levi Hanks

My name is Levi Hanks. I am twenty-six years old and was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. I have also lived in Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and now Oregon. I have been a certified personal trainer for seven years. I also have management experience in the gym setting as well as the spa setting. I have been with Fit Academy for almost two months now. I love the environment and the people I encounter on a daily basis. For fun, I enjoy anything outdoors or sports related, as well as live music and great food.

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