Is your body telling you it’s time to start doing functional fitness workouts?

If you are someone who experiences aches and pains when completing everyday activities — like grocery shopping, gardening, or playing with your children — then you would benefit from a functional fitness program. Functional fitness programs help you perform exercises that will improve your quality of life. Here are some examples.

Ease Everyday Pain

Functional fitness workouts include exercises geared towards training muscles that assist you with daily activities by training your muscles to work together. This is accomplished through simulating typical everyday movements you might complete while at home, work, or while playing sports.

Functional workouts include exercises that utilize the upper and lower body at the same time, while also focusing on core stability. Functional workouts are particularly useful after you’ve been through surgery, been injured, or if you currently suffer from a painful condition. With functional exercise programs, you can train to alleviate the pain. Studies have shown that strengthening exercises can help reduce pain while increasing function.

In order to complete everyday activities with ease, flexibility is required. For instance, you need to be somewhat flexible to clean your house, go shopping, and do other important house chores. The problem is that if you are someone who has been living a sedentary lifestyle, you may find these everyday tasks quite difficult.

If you neglect getting enough exercise, flexibility will begin to diminish as you age. The good news is that pain and discomfort caused by a lack of flexibility can be minimized through stretching on a regular basis. If you make time to stretch regularly, you will help prevent the loss of your mobility and ensure independence as you age.

Improve Posture

We live in a society where a vast majority of people are chronic sitters. The result of so much sitting is that many people often suffer from poor posture or have arched backs and slumped shoulders. The good news is that functional training can help fix that!

In fact, with the right exercises, you should be able to not only improve poor posture, but you even correct it. Proper posture helps stabilize your spine, preventing back pain and fatigue. It also helps reduce the chances of developing a spinal curve, subluxation (misalignment), blood vessel or nerve constriction, and postural imbalances.

Reduce Joint Pain

Muscles work in pairs. As one contracts, the opposing muscle relaxes. The proper balance between muscles is what keeps your joints in the most functional and least painful position. When there is an imbalance between a pair of muscles, joint problems, pain, and injury can arise. That is why flexibility exercises are so important. They work to stretch and relax specific muscles to improve joint function and reduce joint pain.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Functional fitness workouts are beneficial for more than just increasing muscle strength. They also help improve balance and agility, which helps minimize the risk of falling. Since these exercises help prevent muscle injury and falls, they are ideal for people who are aging or haven’t exercised in a while.

If your body is feeling sore and out of shape after completing everyday tasks, or you haven’t exercised for an extended period, start with functional fitness workouts. Functional exercises will help you rebuild the proper strength to complete everyday tasks while reducing your chances of developing an injury.

If  you’re looking for a fitness center in or near Beaverton, Oregon, with trainers that can help you develop the perfect functional fitness routine to fulfill your needs, get in touch with FIT Academy and get started today!

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