Earn Some MEPS with MyZone

Stay in the zone at FIT Academy with a MyZone belt.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get your MyZone belt and strap it on
2. Start exercising
3. MyZone tracks your effort — in the gym and out
4. You earn MEPS (MYZONE Effort Points) by exercising at your desired heart rate
5. The more you put in, the more you get out
6. Track your scores over time, and set goals for yourself
7. Share your MyZone scores with others — hold contests, have fun!

MyZone Belt at FIT Academy

Why monitor your heart rate?

Heart rate monitors help make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts. The longer you’re “in the zone,” the better will be your results.

Monitoring your heart rate also helps make sure you’re not overdoing it and going outside of your target heart rate window.

Here are a few pertinent facts about your heart rate and exercise:

  • Your target zone is age-related (see the chart below)
  • When you exercise on the low side of the zone, you’re not getting optimum results
  • When you exercise on the high side of the zone, you are pushing too hard for safety
  • Check with a trainer to be sure you’re working in the best heart rate range to reach your goals

MyZone not only monitors your heart rate, but it makes that information easy to access and stores the data for later comparisons.

MyZone helps you ‘stay in the sweet spot’ at the gym in order to maximize the time you invest in fitness.

target heart rate for exercise chart
Use as general guidelines – Chart from the American Heart Association

What can you do with MyZone?

  • Start a running program
  • Get help with weight loss
  • Increase workout effort
  • Boost workout efficiency
  • Get engaged with MyZone challenges

It’s cool, it’s here, and it’s for you.

Ask about MyZone at the FIT Academy front desk.