The Easy HIIT Workout Anyone Can Do

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All About HIIT

What if you could find a way to quadruple the results you get from working out?

Instead of hanging at the gym and plodding along on the treadmill for an hour, you could get your daily shot of health in 20 minutes.

Would that be something worth checking out?

Let’s take a look at high intensity interval training (HIIT), then I’ll outline an easy HIIT workout anyone can do.


There are days when I don’t have time for a full workout

Hey, I love going to the gym. There are days when I hate having to leave. Between getting to hang out a bit with like-minded friends and checking out equipment I’ve been wanting to investigate, there’s plenty to do there.

Other days, I’m severely pressed for time. I need to get in and out of the gym, so I end up cutting my sets short and walking away feeling like I didn’t get much of a workout at all.

I hate that.

Once I discovered HIIT, though, it was like a whole new world opened up for me. I could cut back on gym time when needed, but still walk away feeling like the time was way worthwhile.

That’s the beauty of high intensity interval training. It allows you to get more done in less time.

Primary benefits of  HIIT

  • High intensity interval training packs more punch than a typical workout. You get more return for your time investment.
  • HIIT is heart-healthy. You hit your limit, then back off. Perfect combination.
  • HIIT exercises can take place anywhere in the gym and on any equipment (or without equipment). You’re not limited to a particular form or location.
  • Aerobic exercises can take a toll on muscle tone. HITT preserves muscle tone, but still delivers an aerobic benefit. HITT is a definite win-win proposition.
  • HITT benefits keep on getting delivered, even after you leave the gym. That’s because your body gets pushed closer to the limit and requires more time to clean up the internal party afterwards.
  • HITT does a better job of flushing your cells of toxin than more sedate forms of exercise.
  • HITT boosts your endurance and increases your rate of metabolism. That means you’ll end up with more energy and less fat.

The easy HITT workout you’ve been looking for

Nothing worth achieving is a piece of cake. Exercise is work — that’s why it’s called “working out.” I’d be doing you a disservice to tell you otherwise. Nevertheless, work doesn’t have to be hard and miserable … not if you like the work.

Set up right, and you won’t dread doing HITT at all. You’ll love it.

Here are my best-practice tips for creating your own easy HIIT workout routine. Keeping it enjoyable is the key. If you like something, it’s easy for you to keep up. If you hate it, you probably won’t stick with it long.

  1. Pick an exercise class or machine or movement you truly enjoy. Yoga, cycling, pullups, treadmill work … choose anything you like, just make it something you look forward to doing.
  2. Begin with a warm-up period. Get your body loosened up and ready to rock.
  3. Increase the intensity of the exercise. You’re not going to workout longer with HIIT; you’re going to work out more intensely.
  4. Push the exertion level up to an all-out frenzy. Put everything you’ve got into it and maintain that level for up to one minute. If you can’t make it a minute, stick with it as long as you can.
  5. Back off to a resting level (don’t stop, just back off). Maintain that pace for a minute, then gradually build back up until you’re at berserk level again.  Rinse and repeat at least three times, four is better, six is rocking it.
  6. Finish with a cool-down period, stretch it out, and get on with your day or night. You won’t get too far down the road with HIIT before you realize the benefits. HITT works well and it works fast.
  7. Tell us about your experience. We love hearing your success stories and passing them on to others. Your HITT results might help someone else make a life-changing decision. If you don’t want us to use your name, that’s fine, but please tell us about your results.

To keep it even more interesting, choose three things you like doing and switch it up. Make each HIIT session different. Challenge yourself to keep pushing the envelope a little further each time.

Okay, that should be enough to go on. If you’ve yet to try HITT, don’t wait.

Stop by the FIT Academy front desk for more info. Check the schedule for classes specifically designated as HIIT workouts. We have all the resources and advice you’ll need to get going.

Let’s do it!

HIIT it hard and HIIT it often.

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