Unwind, Unlock, Unleash: The Fast Metabolism Diet

Do you wish you could find a diet plan that would not only help you lose weight … but also allow you to eat realistic amounts of foods you enjoy?

Wouldn’t it be great if that diet also cut you free from the need to count calories and worry about how many grams of fat you’re consuming?

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been through my share of near-starvation, weird food, calorie-counting diets that maybe worked for a little while, but were totally unsustainable, given my lifestyle and schedule.

My search is over, though, and yours may be too. Allow me to introduce you to Haylie Pomroy’s eating plan — The Fast Metabolism Diet. Many of Haylie’s clients have lost 20 pounds in a month … without food scales, calorie counting, or living on diet shakes.

We can too.

The Fast Metabolism Diet

Eat plenty of food and still lose weight … sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? The Fast Metabolism Diet uses a science-based nutritional approach to weight loss.

Instead of counting calories, you rotate through a series of food group types to get your body’s attention. Pomroy says her eating plan will “set your metabolism on fire” by bringing about “precise physiological changes.”

There are three phases to the plan. Each asks you to eat certain wholesome, healthy foods that coax glandular responses and ease the stress on your liver.

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Phase 3 illustration from hayliepomroy.com

Here are those phases:

Phase One is your Monday/Tuesday eating plan. You can load up on healthy carbs and fruit.

Phase Two is for Wednesday/Thursday. Proteins and vegetables get the nod on those two days.

Phase Three opens up your Friday thru Sunday. You can eat carbs, fruits, proteins, vegetables (as above) plus you can add fats and oils.

The Fast Metabolism concept is based on getting your body out of the rut and back on the highway to health. By keeping your metabolism guessing about what’s coming next, it will work faster and burn the fat stores you want to get rid of.

Want to give this eating plan a whirl? Check out the book on Amazon, then talk with Susan. She’d love to help you get started.

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