FIT Academy is a Proud Supporter of the Hawkettes

FIT Academy is a proud supporter of the Hawkettes Dance Team, from  Southridge High School in Beaverton. The Hawkettes use our facilities as their dance studio and team gym. You’ll see them working out at FIT Academy regularly. We applaud their determination!

The Hawkettes Dance Team

The Hawkettes are a competitive dance team that competes in dancing competitions and that performs at all of the school’s athletic functions including football games, basketball games and school assemblies. In addition to performing at the school’s athletic events and participating in local competitions, the Southridge Hawkettes Dance Team is also very involved in the community. The girls spend quite a bit of time volunteering and performing at events such as Blazer games, college basketball games, the Beaverton Parade as well as dancing for the patients at Emanuel Children’s Hospital.

The Hawkettes Dance Team focuses mostly on hip-hop and jazz styles of dancing. The girls are nationally ranked and are ranked first in the state of Oregon for hip hop. They have also been the defending champions of this title for eight years now!

FIT Academy is proud of the girls for all of their hard work with dancing, academics and being active within the local community.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Hawkettes Dance Team:

Coach- Jackie Koegel

Brooklyn Sheehan

Ella Cobbs

Hailey Randall

Jane Morey

Gracie Nowack

Julia Takahashi

Preslee Redfield

Rowan Frank

Sabri Freeman

Sophia Lindbloom

Vanessa Parnell

Keep up with the latest news and scheduled performances from the Southridge Hawkettes Dance Team by following them on Facebook!

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