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New Classes at FIT Academy

Make time to try these new classes at FIT Academy: Group Training (you schedule) Group training is a great option for anyone interested in a cost effective way to receive personal training. Group training classes are lead by a coach/trainer who creates a workout that can be adjusted to each person’s skill level. Group training […]

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pilates mat class

The Benefits of a Pilates Mat Class

A Pilates mat class is a group exercise class where participants perform Pilates exercises on the floor while on an exercise or yoga mat. In a Pilates class, your body weight is the main source of resistance. Pilates is a fantastic option for anyone looking to complete a solid workout because the moves can easily […]

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spartan race

How to Train for the Spartan Race

If you are reading this post you may already know what a Spartan Race is but just in case, let us explain. A spartan race consists of a series of obstacle based races that vary in difficulty and distance. The Spartan series includes five races including the Spartan Sprint (20+ obstacles over 3+ miles), the […]

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functional fitness program

Why You Should be Participating in Functional Fitness Programs

If you are someone who wants to be in the best shape possible, you are going to want to take part in a functional fitness program. Why is this? Helps Reduce Your Risk for Injury If you find yourself suffering from injuries on a regular basis, you will benefit from a functional fitness program. Functional […]

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