Passionate Personal Trainers in Beaverton, OR

While many gyms employ personal trainers, none can boast the commitment to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle that FIT Academy’s team of fitness professionals bring. Our fit pro’s come from a variety of fitness backgrounds, but they all share an abiding passion for physical, mental, and spiritual improvement.

Fitness CoachingIs Personal Training for You?

Personal trainers are helpful for people with any amount of fitness experience. If you are a gym novice, personal training is instrumental in introducing you to all the activities at your disposal and for fostering a comfort with the equipment. In addition, the focused one-on-one attention takes away the stress of figuring out what exercise to do in your limited free time. In short, they turn your broad health goals into specific workouts and efficient exercises. Even intermediate to advanced gym attendees will find that work with a personal trainer takes them to the next level and helps them overcome any physical plateaus.


Most people know that a personal trainer can help you build muscle, endurance, and help you lose weight, but the process starts even before that, as they set a schedule and serve as a source of accountability. This helps you develop a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Once you start, trainers make the workout fun and efficient, as opposed to a burden you feel obligated to finish. The positive life choices extend out of the gym as well, as trainers can encourage healthier life habits, such as meal plans that coincide with your workout routine. Our trainers will help you develop habits for long-term fitness lifestyle.

Getting Started

Upon signing up for a membership, you will receive one fitness orientation with a fitness coach. Thus begins the training path of a potentially lifelong health transformation. At the very least, a trainer will introduce you to FIT Academy’s top-notch fitness equipment and facilities, as well as our positive, supportive atmosphere.

Whether you are trying to gain muscle, preparing for a competition, or aiming to lose a couple of pounds and have more energy throughout the day, our trainers are ready to design a personalized workout to fit your needs. Are you ready to take your game and life to the next level? Call or sign up today to get started!

meet our trainersMeet Our Trainers

Our fitness coaching starts where you are and helps you reach your goals with our interactive coaches!

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