Get FIT – No Excuses

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”

(Quote attributed to Mary Anne Evans)

Mary Anne Evans (pen name George Eliot) was and is an inspiration to everyone who wants to accomplish something badly enough.

Life is tough, and there never seems to be enough time to pack everything we want to do into each day.

The most difficult choices aren’t between the good and the bad — they’re between the good and the good.

“How important is your health?”

We all ask ourselves that question at some point in life. Will I discipline myself and make the healthy choice, or will I give in and take the easy path?

Geroge Eliot and Fitness
Mary Anne Evans (George Eliot) – English Novelist (public domain image)

Failures and setbacks are sure to occur, but the only real losers are those who stop trying … those who give up.

At FIT Academy, we sometimes speak with people who think it may be too late for them to start – that they’re too far down the road (whether in age or in physical condition) to get and stay in shape.

It’s never too late, though, to be what you might have been … but you have to get on the path and stay on the path in order to get there.

On again/off again doesn’t cut it.

Show up. Do the work. Get the rewards. That’s the way life works.

Do you want it?

What you do from here can make all the difference.


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