Gym Membership Costs and Benefits: Are Gyms Worth It?

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WHEN YOU LOOK at yourself in a full-length mirror, are you happy with the person you see?

Is that person working hard to build a healthy, happy life? Or is that person slacking off too much, eating too much junk food, and going backwards?

There’s a little of both in all of us, I guess. Nobody stays perfectly on track all of the time. The direction you’re headed, though, makes a ton of difference.

Does the cost of gym membership make sense? How can you be sure to join the right club? When you do join  a gym, how do you get the most return from your investment?

Let’s take a look.

Choose the right gym for you

Some say it’s better to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Don’t worry about what you eat, how much you drink, or whether or not you’re going to the gym.

That’s the “easy way,” for sure. In the long run, though, it’s the path to shame and regret.

Many others are caught in the cycle of trying hard for awhile, then letting go until you’re sick of yourself, then trying again, then giving up … it’s a maddening circle, like getting stuck in a revolving door. One minute you’re in, and the next minute you’re out.

Right now, I’m speaking to those who’re in, to those who refuse to give up, to those who are determined to stay on track and feel good about the amount of effort they’re putting out.

You’re either a current member at FIT Academy, or you’re thinking about joining the club.

Here are some tips for getting the most from the cost of gym membership:

  • Show up regularly – the more consistent you are with workouts, the better results you’ll see
  • Know your goals – get specific about what you want to accomplish, and break those goals down into time chunks: this week, this month, this quarter, this year
  • Know the staff and know what the gym offers – be an active member – ask questions
  • Be brave, take classes, experiment – don’t assume you wouldn’t like cycling (for instance) try it
  • Vary your routine – include resistance and aerobics
  • Take advantage of FIT Academy trainers – they can help you soar
  • Find the schedule that fits best for you and stick to it – make working out a habit
  • Get a gym buddy – if you know Linda is going to meet you at five, you’ll be there
  • Don’t get caught up just standing around talking and looking good … have a plan and stick to it
  • Eat some simple carbs and protein before working out, then get some protein afterwards
  • Always bring your water bottle – hydrate often during the day
  • Incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) to burn more calories
  • Stretch before and during exercising
  • Remember, you’re not at the gym to impress anyone … you’re there for results

Here’s a big one to close: Choose the right club. Don’t be taken in by special prices or choose only based on location. Join the club that offers the things of most interest to you, isn’t constantly overcrowded (because of cheap pricing), and attracts the sort of members you feel comfortable hanging out with. We hope you’ll choose the best gym in Beaverton, of course, but the main thing we want at FIT Academy is for you to reach your fitness goals.

Oh, yeah … are gyms worth the cost of membership?

That’s easy to answer: How valuable is your health?

Stop by the front desk.

Let’s talk about it.

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