A HIIT Training Plan + FUN!

What do you get when you cross a spin bike with high intensity interval training?
You get HIIT hard with an incredible workout.

This class incorporates a HIIT training plan that will stir you to the core. If goals like these are motivators for you, then you’re going to love Spin Boot Camp.

  • Drop stubborn fat
  • Build endurance and strength
  • Build friendships with kindred souls
  • Leave class knowing you’ve worked out hard

Come join personal trainer Wade Ehrlich for a class you’ve maybe only dreamed about. It’s both high-intensity AND FUN! Yes, those two adjectives can describe the same thing.

FIT Academy Spin Bootcamp

FIT Academy Spin Boot Camp – HIIT Training Plan

Here’s how Wade describes the class:

Imagine (see the photo above) I’d go around the room counting out 1-2, 1-2, 1-2…

– All the ones hit the mats

– All the twos start spinning hard

I yell!

– The twos hop on the bikes

– The ones do squats, presses, planks, push-ups, curls, shoulder shrugs with dumbbells, etc.

Everybody switches from bike to floor every few minutes, mixing up the exercises along the way and exhausting all the major muscle groups.

There’d be a lot of partner-assisted exercises too. And that’s the motive behind this… helping people have fun, build friendships, and get thoroughly exhausted!

Nothing beats high-intensity interval training for getting the fitness job accomplished. If you’ve been looking for a HIIT class that’s not only effective, but kind of like a party… here you go.

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Don’t miss this chance to shine!