Members On Fire September 2017

September’s Members on Fire at FIT Academy are Shannon Martinson and Moira Tuffs! Holy smokes, these are some phenomenal ladies. They are self-titled “Kettlebell Queens,” strong beasts, and loud lifters who aren’t afraid to take up space.

Shannon and Moira are our Clients of the Month, and we can’t really say enough about them. They come to FIT Academy with the most positive attitudes and eager muscles ready to work. Their goals are continued strength, especially with kettlebell skills, and to be a part of a fun community of people. The FIT Academy with their trainer, Sasha, are where they have been for the last year.

Shannon and Moira have been training with kettlebells for years, and it shows with the form and skill they execute with each workout. Lately, they have been working on picking up heavier weights in their main lifts (squats, deadlifts, presses), and it’s im-PRESS-ive to say the least. We are all excited to see how they continue to grow and push each other!

Thanks for being such awesome motivators, you two Kettle Queens!!!