Nancy Westbrook – Fitness Trainer in Oregon

Nancy WestbrookNancy began training with Kristi Tauti 11 years ago. It changed her world! She was transitioning from the forties to the fifties with all of the normal physiological things that go along with that time in life. Kristi had great direction with food and exercise and it soon became a lifestyle. She learned how to eat clean nutritional food, make good choices and still enjoy life, while losing 25 pounds and becoming very fit. After three years of training with Kristi she agreed to compete and did two figure shows in 2011 and a figure and bikini show in 2012. Both were in the over 50 classes and she won her first figure in 2011 and the bikini in 2012.

Nancy received her ISSA Personal Training Certification in 2011 and her ISSA Fitness Nutrition Coaching certification in 2012. She had been working with clients at iPhysique Gym until one year ago when she joined the FIT Academy.

Nancy does personal training and runs 12 week training and/or nutrition programs for general population clients focused on weight loss, body fat reduction, and overall fitness goals. Along with that she has experience with competition prep and training for bikini/figure competitors.

Working with Nancy will teach you how to eat healthier and how to make better choices, while enjoying life. Nancy is very compassionate with her clients and always there to guide them through the 12 week program and beyond.

Additionally, Nancy is a wife, mom, grandma, hunts, and fishes, has two wonderful Labradors, travels, cooks and lives a busy life. She has owned and run a large family timber business. She understands the challenges that it takes to make changes and fit each piece into your own personal puzzle


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Fitness Nutrition Coach