The Secret to Being Unstoppable

One is responsible for one’s own life. Passivity provides no protection.

(Quote attributed to Madeleine Kunin)

It’s easy to blame others for our failures.

Fitness quote by Madeleine Kunin for FIT Academy
Madeleine Kunin – creative commons photo

If only my spouse would be more supportive, if only I could get that dream job, if only I felt better … the list goes on and on and on.

Here’s the secret to real success: Accept responsibility for my own life and stop the blame game. It’s not your fault or his fault or her fault or their fault.

My life choices are up to me. I make my own bed daily.

Once we learn that lesson, we’re unstoppable.

My life can change anytime I’m ready to commit to doing what I KNOW I need to do.

Any fish can drift downstream. Going upriver takes courage, strength, and stamina.

Come on down to the gym. Let’s talk about it…

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