Vino & Vinyasa: Candlelight Yoga and Wine Meditation

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Yoga at FIT Academy

To sign up online click here: Vino and Vinyasa or call the FIT Academy front desk at (971) 371-3666 to save your spot ($30).

It’s time for a new kind of Happy Hour!

Is your busy life leaving you stressed out? Are you juggling too many things at once, and starting to feel like the hole in the doughnut?

Reconnect with your heart and with others through two of the most beautiful living expressions of community and connection … Yoga and a glass of wine.

Here are the particulars:

WHEN: Thursday, January 11th from 6 to 9 pm

COST: $30 per ticket (includes wine)

WHERE: FIT Academy

HOW TO SIGN UP: Check at the FIT Academy front desk, call us at (971) 371-3666, or save your spot ($30) online here: Vino and Vinyasa.

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