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What to Focus On and What to Ignore

I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals, and I try to ignore the rest.

— Quote attributed to Venus Williams

Here’s the secret to getting past the things that try to hold you back: Focus on your goals, not on what you’re up against.

  • Did you make a mistake? Forgive yourself, set things right, and keep going.
  • Did you break your diet plan? Forgive yourself, then get your gaze back on your goal.
  • Has it been way too long since you exercised regularly? Start back up today. Don’t keep putting it off until tomorrow!

Do worries about finances, relationships, or anything else keep you awake at night?

Venus Williams FIT Academy
Venus Williams – creative commons photo

If so, you’re focusing on the wrong stuff.

Don’t look at the wall you’re worried about hitting. Look at the open road and the opportunities right in front of you.

Look to your goals. Look to your desires. Look to life.

Venus Williams nails the secret to success like it’s the next ball she’s slamming for a game point.

What do you focus on?

Watch yourself for a day. Notice the things you keep coming back to in your mind. Are you thinking about your goals? Are you thinking about how to keep going on the path you know is best for you?

Or does your mind keep going back to an unhealthy focus on the people and situations that oppose you?

Come on down to the gym. Let’s talk about it.

Together, we can do a whole lot more than either of us can do alone.

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